Clients If you want someone to complete a home inspection as if they were doing it for themselves or for one of their family members, then choose Look Home Inspections Ltd.

Our inspectors are committed to providing a personalized service you can trust.

With backgrounds in renovation and construction, combined with the most current education and holding a Certified Master Inspector (CMI) designation, Look Home Inspectors, will advise you on low-cost home improvements and regular home maintenance as part of the home inspection process.

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, Look Home Inspection Ltd. wants you to succeed. We’re happy to be part of that process. We’re looking out for you.

Testimonial From Sarah
We had Brad Rodway from Look Home Inspections do inspections on two homes that we were interested in purchasing, and I'm glad we did! His thorough inspections ended up saving us thousands and thousands of dollars (we calculated about $40K), not to mention all of the time and energy, that we would have spent making our dream home livable.

Having been through a home purchase recently, I thought I had a pretty good idea for the things to look for, but walking through the home with Brad was an eye-opener - there was so much that I knew so little about. Brad caught all of the small things that could have quickly turned into large headaches, that other home inspectors often seem to miss. The dream home having been recently renovated on a cosmetic level, was enough to dazzle an array of new home owners and realtors - but not Brad. After inspecting the first home, Brad gave us a document of about 20 pages with photos and descriptions of each deficiency on the house. Thankfully, we ended up walking away.

We did end up finding a beautiful home, a short while later. I joked with Brad before we went in on inspection day about not being so picky and maybe walking through the house with his eyes half-closed (of course he wouldn't!) because I REALLY liked the house. He laughed and then told me that he would be picky, regardless of what I, my boyfriend or my realtor, thought of the house.

To my great relief, the home passed Brad's eagle eye inspection and we move in this summer! I was relieved that this house had made the grade because Brad spent a great deal of time going through the interior and exterior of the home, climbing on the roof and underneath the porch, checking all the electrical and all plumbing, looking in every nook and cranny - all with my boyfriend and I tagging along, asking him questions (which he answered quite willingly).

And to me, that is the mark of a good home inspector - that is why Brad is so excellent at what he does - he considers the state of the home and the potential impact on the owners and nothing else. Save yourself the headache and save yourself the money - hire a professional; hire Brad.

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