Clients are encouraged to be in attendance during the inspection process which can take up to 3 hours to complete. Clients are requested to make arrangements for inspections using the on-line scheduler provided, and read and agree to the [Pre-Inspection Agreement].

An inspection from Look Home Inspections Ltd. covers the following areas of a home. The condition and safety of several components of these areas is documented [home gauge inspection report].

Structural Components
Plumbing Syste m
Electrical System
Heating/Air Conditioning

Our inspectors are very thorough. It’s their job. They determine when or if any repairs are required and take colour photos of any areas requiring attention.

In the inspection report, areas of the home will be graded as to their condition. Areas requiring attention will be further documented with detailed explanations. Our inspectors take the time to discuss their evaluations with the client, and answer all their questions before they leave the site.

An electronic report is compiled as soon as the inspection is completed. The client is given a password, and as a result, only the client (or someone the client chooses to share the password with) can access the on-line inspection report. This is both a security and cost-saving measure.

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